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Be Water Smart

Be Water Smart

Smart ways to save more water in California


While California has seen a good amount of rain and snow so far this year, experts agree that it has not been enough to end our State’s long drought. So, all of us must keep doing our part to help save water. One of the best ways to do your part is to help waste less water and make water conservation upgrades in your home. It’s water smart, responsible, and can even make your home more valuable.

Water Use Facts

»   Most water is wasted outside of the home. Landscaping generally accounts for the majority of household water use.

»   You can save up to 24 gallons of water by using a full dishwasher versus washing dishes by hand.

»   By turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth, you can save 8 gallons of water.

»   12.5 gallons, that’s how many gallons of water you save by taking a 5-minute shower versus a 10-minute shower.

»   By using drought-resistant plants in your landscaping, you can save 30-60 gallons per 1000 sqft each time you water.

»   Drip irrigation with a smart controller system can save you 15 gallons of water each time you water.

»   Grass is the most water-demanding landscaping materials, eliminating lawns for drought-resistant plants instead is an excellent way to save water.


Saving Water Inside

♦   Fill the bathtub halfway or less > Filling up your bathtub halfway or less can save 17-25 gallons of water per bath!

♦   Install Aerators > Installing aerators can save .7 gallons per minute.

♦   Wash full loads of clothes and dishes > Washer: saves 15-45 gallons per load. Dishwasher: saves 5-15 gallons per load.

♦   When shopping for a new washing machine, compare resource savings among Energy Star models – some can save up to 20 gallons of water per load. Also, check the Consortium for Energy Efficiency website to compare the water use of various models.

♦   Be sure to test toilets for leaks periodically. One simple way is to put food coloring in the toilet tank; if it seeps into the bowl without flushing, there’s a leak. Also, check the toilet flapper; if it doesn’t close properly after flushing, it needs to be replaced.

♦   Take 5-minute showers > Keeping showers under 5 minutes can save 12.5 gallons per shower when using a water-efficient showerhead.

♦   Turn off the water when brushing teeth or shaving > By simply turning off the water when brushing your teeth or while shaving, you can save 8 gallons of water per person per day.

♦   You’ll want to upgrade older toilets, especially those installed before 1992, with water-saving WaterSense labeled models. High-Efficiency toilets can save 6-35 gallons per day.

♦   Consider installing dual-flush toilets with two flush options: a half-flush for liquid waste and a full-flush for solid waste.

♦   Check faucets and showerheads for leaks. One drip every second adds up to five gallons of water per day wasted. Leaks inside and outside the home can add up to 27-90 gallons of wasted water each day! Leaking devices should be replaced with new WaterSense labeled devices.

♦   Recycle indoor water and irrigate your garden > Collect water from your shower while it’s heating up with a watering can or bucket then use that water for your plants and outdoor needs, this can cut water use by 30%.


Saving Water Outside

♦   When upgrading landscape, consider xeriscaping, which depends on low-water-use plants. See homeowner landscape upgrade videos at:

♦   Remember to spread two-to-four inches of organic mulch around plants, which helps them retain moisture and can save hundreds of gallons of water a year.

♦   Make sure to adjust sprinklers so that they water only the yard and not the house, sidewalk, or street.

♦   Drip irrigation for shrubs and trees that applies water directly to the roots, where it’s needed, is the best way to water these types of plants.

♦   Make sure clients check outdoor faucets, pipes, hoses, and sprinkler system valves for leaks, and that they keep sprinkler heads in good shape.


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